Bounce house rentals in Atlanta and tuscaloosa

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Do your inflatables have roof or cover from sun?   
Yes!  Our smaller units all have cover from the sun.

​Can the inflatables be set up inside? 

As long as there is a minimal height of 15ft, minimal width of 20ft, and minimal depth of 20ft, most of our small units will fit inside.  Larger gymnasiums will hold our larger units.  

If I need one today, can you deliver one today?  

Yes.  If we have it in stock, we can deliver to you today.

Where is the best place to set up an inflatable?  

You will want as flat of a surface as possible, free of sharp objects including sticks and sharp stones.  In the case of our water slides, you'll want to try and have a drain close by, or position the jump so that the water will travel away from the slide. 

Can the jumps be set up on pavement?  

Yes.  As long as there is space to tie down to secure structures, or space enough so that we may secure the jumps with sandbags.  

How much area do I need?  

You'll need enough space to allow for the dimensions given in the description of each jump at the bottom.

Will the jumps ruin my grass?  

No.  Your grass is resilient, and will bounce back in a day or so.  NOTE:  The water slide may cause pooling water, which may turn muddy with children playing all day.  Please be sure to isolate a spot where the water will drain away from the slide to minimize pooling water. 

Can the inflatables be used in the rain?  

We prefer that they are NOT used in the rain, which is why we have such a lax cancellation policy.  We do reserve the right to cancel on the same day of service, if the weather calls for better than 60% chance of rain.   

What happens if it rains while the inflatable is in use?  
If it rains and there are strong winds, remove the riders and deflate the unit.   If it rains and NO strong winds are present, remove the riders and leave the unit INFLATED.  Once the rains have passed, the unit will dry out and can be used again.  

Can the inflatable be set up at the park?  

Generally yes, but you will need to find out 2 things.  1. Does the park have electrical service.  If not, you will need a generator.  2.  You will need to find out if the park allows inflatables.  They will often require proof of insurance, which we can provide for you.  

Do you have insurance? 

Absolutely.  Do not rent from a company that cannot provide proof of insurance. We are happy to provide our insurance rider on request.